Ep014 - Briana Malmquist, photographer, blogger, & social media guru

Bringing you one of my favorite photographers and an episode full of resources.

Briana has been our family photographer for the last few years. Every encounter she captures those special shots, ones you get as canvas prints that end up proudly displayed for all who visit. We first took photos in downtown Spokane on the bridges near the river. My daughter was at the age where she couldn’t sit still no matter what, but somehow, Briana captured some of the best pictures we’ve ever taken. Now that I’m writing this, I remember we were some of the first families to pose for Briana. She used us for practice sessions and we got some of the best stuff we could imagine! When she delivered the photos to us essentially the same day, it was an incredible gift that we’ve appreciated ever since.

Her ability to compose a shot then further the emotion of it post-production is top freaking notch. I mean top shelf, thousand dollar a bottle, crazy good. I’ve seen some serious editing and I have great respect for all photographers. Briana’s work is special beyond what you already expect from a serious photog. There’s emotion and atmosphere pouring from every shot. Nothing feels overly staged and the candidness helps bring the audience into the scene with the subject. You feel like you’re standing with Briana as she shoots when you look at her albums.

After recording this episode and further learning what makes her tick as a creative, you can see the wholesomeness in her motivation. We discussed her philosophy on using social media for your projects or business and it reiterated some of the comments other guests have had. Briana has a very helpful and sharing mindset. She offers the keys to the kingdom during this episode and does so like she owes it to the world. That’s something others can work towards emulating, eliminating the ego and competitiveness. Aaron from the Cascadian Beer podcast does so as well. They don’t flinch at the idea of a competition or challenge, they just want to help people!

I learned a fair amount myself this episode. We talked significant shop and I walked away with new ideas and directions to implement changes to my brand immediately. The idea that Briana wants a story to be told or an emotion evoked each time she posts is something that I didn't really consider. I’m almost checking off boxes with the posts and there should be more of a connection to the audience other than simply being an announcement and a pretty graphic. An immediate change will be the switching of styles for the audio previews and we’ll have more of them. It doesn’t hurt that the photos Briana provided for my graphics are in the mix as well. Did I mention she takes good photos?

This episode is exactly what the podcast needed - jump start the fall and the looming holiday season. Briana mentioned how nervous she was to record and how little she desires to be captured on video or audio, and I am forever grateful she stepped out of her comfort zone. There has been a guest or two that showed slight initial hesitance and I will never blame them for it. I still get nervous each time I record and my job is easier than the guests!

We have lines out to a few more potential guests so hopefully I can make up some of the missed time for the end of summer. I’d like to get the new segments launched in October so we can hit the ground running in 2019. Is it weird that I’m already discussing events months from now? That’s how fast time moves these days.

You can check out Briana Shae Photography and also Piper’s Zoo for her photography and blog. Please visit her Instagram pages for her photography business and Piper’s Zoo as well and give her a follow!



Ep004 - Michael Dyrland, aerial cinematographer and entrepreneur

Mike's drone content is one of my favorite things on Instagram

When I was first deciding to start the podcast, Mike was one of those people I reached out to in the beginning stages.  One of his two Instagram accounts, @dprones, is chock full of incredible content that I originally wanted to license from him.  Mike definitely licenses out his content so if you want to see more, check out his website.  His original Instagram account is @dyrlandproductions.

The plan was to take one of the incredibly beautiful but also eerie clips of a PNW forest and create a sort of introductory video about myself.  Something really personal to offer a look into me and where I'm coming from.  This would serve as an icebreaker for any audience member who doesn't know me personally but is checking out the podcast.  Obviously the idea was scrapped.  But the possibility of using content from Mike's catalog is always alive.

That is one of the lessons I learned from the last few years of freelance design.  Using assets or stock imagery from other contributors doesn't necessarily make you a lazy designer.  It opens up a completely different method of creation. Of course it is always more desirable to create your own content, 100% from the ground up.  This is definitely the case when creative freedom is given without concession.

The reason I wanted to interview Mike was because I have a lot of respect for the way he promotes himself and lets his content do the talking.  He's organized and on top of his portfolio, always updating it and keeping the newest content at the forefront.  Jumping into the drone industry takes a significant investment and planning is key.  Sometimes it is easy to fall into the line of thinking of simply producing better equipment will inevitably cause better content creation.  That is not necessarily the case and I wanted to ask Mike the simple questions about adding a drone to your arsenal.  There were plenty of little things I would have glossed over or learned the hard way.  That isn't necessarily a bad thing except drones are spendy.

Another reason I wanted to interview Mike was because of a project he completed called Haz-Mat Surfing.  Please check out his website and our episode to learn more about this PSA style project that caught the eye from some major publishing giants.

Check out our episode and let us know what you think.  Thanks for checking out the blog!

- CM