Ep003 - Jonathan Schmitz fellow podcaster and musician

Jonathan and I have always wanted to record a podcast...

But it took him moving to San Diego and starting his own, the 10 Steps Further Podcast, and me starting this show before we could get together and finally record something.

Jonathan has seen his show grow from a few downloads a month to over 1500 in January 2018.  Before this show, Jonathan has been a musician and pastor his entire life.  We've worked together in the past and have bounced ideas off each other since he performed the wedding ceremony for my wife and I in May 2012.  So yeah, we're pretty close.

We focus more on his growth in the podcast universe for this episode.  One thing I learned from this episode was to make sure the audience feels included in the conversation.  When you are talking with someone you've talked to forever, the tendency is to lock in and forget other people are listening.  So there have been episodes where I wasn't as comfortable and my input was fairly restricted, so this was the other end of the spectrum.

Jonathan recorded himself in his office in San Diego while I recorded in Spokane.  He sent me the track and I have assembled them and will be done "mastering" the audio this week.  I wanted to post the blog post because there is some exciting stuff happening for the blog.

This third post will be the minimum required for Apple News to pick up the blog and start curating a feed channel in their app.  This also allows me to market the show in more than one method besides just the blog functions with Squarespace and announcements on Instagram.

Hopefully I can start blogging some interesting content that will supplement hardcore fans of the podcast.  It is all part of the larger project that is Amalgam.  Anything that will force me to get out of my comfort zone and do something different is welcomed.