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Ep001 - Dan Moffat has been published!

We have finally launched the podcast!

Dan Moffat from NY joins me and talks about his career as a musician and a freelance audio engineer.

You can find his band at or connect with him on Instagram @moffatsound or for audio engineering.

The things I learned from my first episode...

Speak up and be more responsive.
Don't try to capture everything live in the moment, take breaks when you need to.
Recording went very well but I did learn more about mastering the track in post production - Danny was super helpful there and continues to be.

Immediately after the episode I was ready to record again and again.  There was a definite rush from the experience.  Mostly I wanted to get better, put out more content and upgrade the production value in little ways immediately.

At the end of the day I was proud that it worked out and I had something to publish.  The first episode was really the last piece I needed to learn how to link iTunes to YouTube.  A couple things about that setup.  First, I'm hosting everything via YouTube because that is how you host podcasts on iTunes for free.  Secondly, because of that setup, it creates a hurdle for the user playing it back on iTunes.  I figured the youtube users would be listening on desktop or somewhere with a browser tab open, so they were easily taken care of.  The iTunes user has to deal with the video podcast because of my free hosting from YouTube.  So if they want to lock their screen, it either keeps playing the audio or it doesn't and they have to swipe up for the control center and then hit play again.

All that is to say is I'm very aware of the user experience because thats what I've had to learn in my freelance work and my current full time job.  Designing the experience for the user is all about... the user.  So know them! Thankfully, I'm a podcast listener, I have that ground floor idea of what is acceptable and what isn't.  This is why audio quality is important to me.

Check out our episode and let us know what you think.  Thanks for checking out the blog!

- CM