Ep016 - Jeremy Hanson, chef, entrepreneur and mentor

Despite the busy holiday season and schedule, we made it happen!

Jeremy and I have been trying to schedule a recording session since this summer. For those of you that remember, I met Jeremy while I was on site at Black Label Brewery, interviewing one of the owners. Jeremy asked about the podcast, asked why I was doing it and liked the concept. He shared his contact info on a tray you would serve fries in at a burger joint. I kept that paper tray in my bag until it was time to start finding new guests to record.

This is another episode where I had yet to really get to know the guest beyond simple introductions. Despite unfamiliarity, Jeremy and I connected quickly; at only 30 minutes in we were discussing the concept of regulatory bodies. That definitely was a subject I didn’t intend to bring up, but it also speaks to how swiftly our comfort level developed with the episode and each other. Both Jeremy and I have significant experience with the FDA, ISO, USDA, WSDA and others. Something I didn’t expect was how engaging that part of the discussion became. There was obvious passion and feeling behind our words. It was refreshing, breaking off prepared questions and unearthing content that truly affects everyone of us on a daily basis. This part of the discussion even sparked potential work between Jeremy and I on his film “Buen Provecho”. 

Walking around with Jeremy and having him explain all the different restaurants and operations really made me love this part of the gig. Something about carrying around my computer, mic and a notebook full of questions, coupled with meeting new people and working together to create an enticing piece for the audience. It just feels genuine.

It’s been a year since we started this podcast. I say “we” because both the guests and those behind the scenes are as much a part of this as I am. I’m ecstatic the podcast exists and continues to grow. It’s taught me to be more comfortable, flexible, professional, confident, and most importantly, how to look at a subject and extract engaging bits for the world to marinate on. I have lots of ideas, but the other lesson is to make sure you’re putting full focus into the project. Otherwise leave it alone. No sense in doing anything half-arsed.

We have some big plans for the podcast in 2019, and if you’ve been involved with the blog and episodes until this point, you know what those plans are. In short – new equipment, new segments, and exploring existing content for purposes of expanding it. The notion of working with Jeremy to help with his film also births ideas in my mind. In particular, specifying a message or vision then working on a delivery that pulls different strings in the audience’s psyche. What that message is, or it’s purpose, are questions I can’t answer at the moment. But I’m thinking about them, and I’m surprised the idea didn’t come sooner.

Along the same vein; there was a project in a digital media course at WSU where we had to create a PSA (public service announcement). This is 2009-2010ish so my message was “Don’t text and drive.” iPhones had only begun to take over but everyone still had a mobile. The condition of the project was the message could only use audio. I found the sound samples I wanted and created a back and forth scenario of someone driving with noises of a phone keyboard cracking away. It then cut to a child’s playground, complete with music that sounds like its coming from a wind-up toy box. Back and forth it cuts until the car is screeching to a crash into the playground and the music continues for a moment until it fades to silence. Finally, my ominous words, “Don’t text and drive.”

Cold and as dark as a David Fincher film, I thought it would resonate. Simply put, I’m a fan of scare tactics. But the message doesn’t have to be dark or depressing to get people to think. Watching Jeremy’s passion with Buen Provecho reminds me of Michael Dyrland’s HazMat Surfing project we talked about way back in beginning of the year.

As I write the conclusion to this post, a few truly exciting stones have fallen for the podcast. I’ve pulled the trigger on upgrading the mics and purchased the Zoom H5. Aaron got me squared away with FAQ and getting the full functionality out of the H5. Trevor is writing up content to prepare for our first episode and tomorrow I’ll join Mitch and Sam on the Cinetherapy podcast to create a joint episode that both Amalgam and Cinetherapy will publish! After those two episodes are published, I’ll have an exciting new pair of guests lined up for the first official episode of Amalgam on the new equipment. Needless to say we have new content on the horizon and our work cut out for us.

Cheers to 2019, I hope we all work hard and enjoy the progress.

- CM