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Ep017 - Inland Film Co.'s Mitch Williams & Sam McGhee | Director & Cinematographer

The first blended episode for our respective podcasts!

2019! First blog post and first new episode – not to mention with two guests. We also used another podcast’s recording setup. Once again, met Sam for the first time right before we recorded – but I’m no longer new to that. Mitch and I had crossed paths already but never really got time to chat. How a dual podcast episode came to be is a long story, and this blog is a perfect platform to tell it. I’ve decided that the new year will bring a couple changes for the podcast, and as we’ve already purchased new recording equipment, minor tweaks in a few areas are due. We’ll get to Sam & Mitch’s story shortly, I promise.

Over the course of 2018, I struggled to find a solid purpose to write for. Once I became comfortable with meeting new people and interviewing them on the spot, my focus became better interview questions. That’s improved, but at the expense of the blog – I feel the written component has fallen off slightly. It would help to structure the blog with pre-publishing insights then write the second half once the episode is up and graphics are complete.

Another update is the website homepage. It could stand a little more pep. Videos for header backgrounds are an option – Amalgam themed motion graphics are a good fit, and I’d be curious about the audience’s feedback.

That’s it, my two changes for 2019. Let’s get them done! I mean, I’d also like to buy a iMac… but we gotta walk before we crawl baby! 

As for the guests of the latest episode, we have Mitch & Sam - storyteller/director & cinematographer, respectively. They’re fantastic guys to work with. It doesn’t seem like work in the end, but when first asking potential guests to publish content with you, it’s very formal. I put a lot of focus and energy into my correspondence. We connected through a mutual friend; Josh Jensen founder/master-maker of Jensen Handcrafted was on the podcast and Sam started following Amalgam. Sometime in 2018 Josh and I had coffee where he mentioned Inland Film Co and Cinetherapy, the company and podcast his buddies Sam & Mitch started.

If a friend of mine is involved in a podcast, I listen as much as I can. Aaron, Jonathan and others have their own as well so check it out when you have time, definitely worth a listen. After absorbing a few episodes of Cinetherapy, I really liked the dynamic and delivery. The subject matter and their personalities lent itself to the formation of a great ‘cast. I kept listening and eventually got the courage to reach out via Instagram messenger (of all places) and start dialog.

Sam was great. He hit me back and after starting an email thread like the adults we are, soon him, myself and Mitch were discussing what a dual-podcast episode might look like. Or sound like, I suppose. We all had our own ideas and after very little deliberation, consensus was among us. I couldn’t be happier with the output.

These guys use the same audio editing software, Adobe’s Audition. Their studio was completely ready to roll as I walked in the door. They knocked out portions of the podcast they like to include and we hit the floor running. Again, I got to know people while simultaneously recording, which applies an odd amount of pressure to the conversation. They’ve had some guests before me, so that made for comfortability on my end. 

I was exempt from worrying about mics, recording, or providing them with the audio. But the coolest part was seeing how another podcast produces their content. What mics they use, how they introduce themselves, what software is used, the processing of audio post recording, how they conduct themselves with guests or each other. It gave me plenty of perspective of what it will be like with Trevor. Sports podcast coming soon! 

It was a great experience. I hope as they edit their audio, they find the content as exciting as I do. Not more than a few days later, Mitch let me know of possible motion graphics work around town, so these guys are already lining me up to get paid. That’s the type of guest we’re dealing with here folks, the nicest possible people, with a very cool business and accompanying podcast.

I’m a huge fan of this pair of bro-in-laws. Be sure to check out their Instagram pages too, both for IFC and Cinetherapy. After editing the audio completely, I found myself laughing and smiling because I was reminded of how much fun we had. I hope they don’t mind how much of the organic conversation I left in, but I felt that the audience would benefit from the real deal.

Cheers to you all in your 2019 endeavors!


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Ep012 - Josh Jensen, craftsman and entrepreneur

The podcast is six months old, and Josh brings the content for the first episode recorded outside

There are many ways to identify Josh. Craftsman, maker, entrepreneur, father, husband, hustler and all around super cool dude, just to name a few.  Check his website, his Instagram and please go get yourself one of his openers if you are from Washington or Idaho. Hell, even if you're not. You will enjoy that handcrafted piece of art for the rest of your life.  I've bought one for my dad and I'll arm my entire family with one before I kick the bucket.

This particular episode was recorded outside, yet another "first" for the podcast.  We did so because our schedules were ultra tight, and I didn't have time to reach out to Propaganda HQ and secure space there. Josh suggested a coffee shop that split the difference between my work and home, and because really, we just needed coffee at 7 am.  Josh is a peach for meeting me so early.

So we sat on the back patio, sippin' 'mericanos, and I got a chance to test the microphone in a new environment.  I'm happy to report a passing grade; no complaints here. To be honest, I really liked recording outside.  That doesn't mean I wouldn't pick a quieter road next time, as distractions aren't necessarily welcome. The sound of birds chirping brought a level of relaxation, which transferred into our mindset and conversation.  It really shook away the formal tenseness that recording an interview can create. 

Josh is one of those guys that you have incredible conversations with, but he is so modest and "lime-light adverse" that you have to sort of stay on him about recording an episode.  For reference, Josh was one of the first people I reached out to when soliciting guests.  Though at best I'm guessing, I believe Josh wanted to see a bit more fit and finish before he jumped on board.  And I'm okay with that.  That makes you better.  It made me work harder to legitimize and elevate the podcast's content.  I have no concrete moment to point to and say, "this is what I did to get Josh to come on the show".  In reality, I just kept checking in and taking the temp of interest. 

Our conversation is the sort of content I really hope to build on as new guests join the show.  We spoke a lot of what makes Amalgam the project it is and why it even exists.  Josh's accomplishments and mindset motivate you to assign a higher purpose to your work.  He donates much of his time, money and energy to other people.  This is what we should strive to be like.  Amalgam's goal is to give the audience the motivation to do something different, within or outside their comfort zone  We really harp on this as the episode progresses, but in a purely positive light.  We speak a lot about "wins" and what classifies them as such.  If you are paying attention, there is a win in every single thing that happens to you.  But the hard part, for everyone, is opening our eyes to what that really is.

I'm thankful for Josh,  and for his commitment to this project.  He joins the ranks of eleven other individuals who have taken the time to contribute content for the world to indulge in, who have all played a part in making this podcast legitimate and engaging for a wide audience.

To each of my dozen guests, thank you. 

Thank you for taking the risk with me.  I asked a lot from these creatives.  The waters were murky, no one could claim complete understanding of what they were contributing to. It was hard enough for even myself to fully articulate, before things started rolling.  Now here we are,  twelve episodes in and the party is really just beginning.

The podcast was always meant to be a living, breathing medium that composed and acclimated after new interaction and stimuli. With each new episode, I learned a bit more, and the upcoming guest was the new guinea pig (aye).  Each person I interviewed wore a smile on their face, chewed through cringe moments and answered my poorly phrased, overly descriptive questions.  They took time out of their day to meet me in person, or they waited until I put my kids to sleep to take the call to record.  The first poor eight souls answered my questions in real time because I didn't have the bloody decency to send them in advance.  Danny, Ep001, had to deal with what I like to call "Whisper Corbin." That man deserves more than the $15 I paid for a few digital copies of his album.  

Some people met me for the first time in the interview.  Some people hadn't seen or spoke to me in over a decade.  None of them had to help me out, they did so because they believed in my goal and that means the world to me.  The feeling of someone saying "yes, I'll join you on your podcast" is a very special feeling. They could have seen the risks outweighing the positives and turned the other way.

I started this project as 2017 was wrapping up, with many questions and little answers. In the last six months, the podcast is not only legitimate, it has direction and a defined processes leading to its goals.  The audio quality has improved, the hosting is legit, the graphics and Instagram posts are essentially automated, the After Effects templates are in place, and the metrics are beginning to provide insight for decisions.  There is an extreme level of patience guiding everything forward.  People expect the show to go on, they are no longer wondering if it will fizzle out as life gets in the way.  The momentum is gaining, and the pressure has subsided.  It helps tremendously that I've got hands on deck ready to assist, whether it's a recording space, the publishing end, or blogging.  Shout out to Propaganda Creative, Aaron the Audio Engineer, and my sister respectively.  Those three have made the show better and have given me the help I needed to remain confident in this project.  Every other guest, from the first to the last, brings something new to the podcast and make it better simply by participating.

Thank you for joining me in this project.  I hope you find even the smallest bit of information valuable. Doesn't have to be everything at once, just one bite at a time.