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Ep007 - Darrien Mack, visual designer from Community Minded TV

Darrien joins me at Propaganda HQ for a quick lunchtime podcast

Darrien Mack is a visual designer and works at Community Minded Television, a company of Community Minded Enterprises.  CMTV operates downtown Spokane, WA and provides the space, equipment and consulting for anyone in the community to create visual content.  There are computers complete with industry standard software available for use, just make sure to bring your own hard drive.  Check out CMTV's Instagram as well as CM Enterprises YouTube channel for a complete channel of their content.  Additionally, if you are a Comcast television subscriber, you can check out CMTV's broadcasted content on channel 14.

Darrien also runs a videography tutorial course out of CMTV.  Check out Darrien's Instagram for more information those sessions and their dates/times.

One of the reasons I wanted to have Darrien on the show is because he might be one of the most interesting creatives I follow on Instagram.  I mean, everyone does their thing and does it well.  I have respect for everyone I follow or else I wouldn't follow them.  However...

Darrien's stuff does what every art teacher will tell you to do from the first days of class.  Grab your audience's attention.  His work does this because not only is it borderline abstract, but because the composition is always impressive and incorporates a variety of themes, colors and mediums.  Photography collages with photoshopped gradients and backgrounds or incredibly clean videography are a couple examples of Darrien's versatility as an artist.  There always seems to be a direction or motion to his work and he uses the juxtaposition of his elements in clear, communicative ways.  Often, Darrien includes a song for you to listen to while you consume the content visually.  The degree of how much the song relates to the accompany visual is a question you have to ask him directly. 

Overall this episode was great to record and Darrien and I share a fair amount of our top 5 favorite films.  I learned plenty from this episode, but two major takeaways stick out in my mind.

First off, I noticed I have a tendency to ask a question, explain the question further, and then ask the question again, all while the guest is waiting to answer the question.  They get it, there is no need to explain the question further.  Please stop talking and let them answer the question.  You may have not been thinking that, but I am.

I told myself I wouldn't be negative when promoting this podcast, so thats all I'll say for now. So lesson learned.

The second thing I learned was during the post-production of the episode.  When "Mastering" the podcast audio, I'm simply doing what I think sounds best.  Aaron and Danny will definitely have some things to say about that final product, but all in all, it isn't necessarily offensive to the listener.  I'm definitely not getting any freelance audio engineering work in the near future.

The filter I used in Adobe Audition is from the Filters & EQ section called FFT Filter.  If you want to dive into what that is and why it is used, you may find yourself realizing that I'm using it in the wrong environment.  But it made the background sound amazing to me.  So I'm sticking with it.  Again, only Danny and Aaron are going to notice right now.  Well, and any other potential listener who may be an audio engineer.

Finally, you may have notice data the podcast episode was included as a player widget in the top of the blog post.  That is because our episode 006 guest Aaron Johnson made a point to help me migrate the show's hosting services from YouTube to Omnystudio!  Aaron was invaluable in this transition and I cannot speak highly enough about his help.  This took care of the final step regarding the show's legitimacy as a user experience.  Now when you search for the show on Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, or other podcast apps, the show is available in audio only.  The episode descriptions are also much clearer and the hyperlinks scenario has been sorted.  

More news to come, particularly surrounding the show's video presence on YouTube.  I don't want to say too much until there is something real to release and accompany the announcement.

- CM